Our Leaders

Peter Fothergill

Chair of Governors
Loughborough Endowed Schools

“The Loughborough Endowed Schools have a long tradition of providing an outstanding education for local children through many generations.

Many of our alumni benefitted from a free education when the Schools had Grant Maintained or Direct grant status. Since gaining independent status in the 1970s, the Foundation has set aside income each year to make sure we continue offering financial assistance to bright children whose family circumstances mean that entry into a fee-paying school is unattainable.

Such a provision has benefitted us all, as the inclusion of pupils from a wide mix of social backgrounds has enabled Loughborough Endowed Schools to become the diverse and talented community it is today.

We are committed to increasing the number of bursary places we provide for children of exceptional ability whose families could not otherwise afford an independent education. This is both our charitable duty and a responsibility derived from our Foundation’s roots.

As one of the leading Foundation schools in the country, we have a clear vision of how we want to broaden social access, enhancing educational opportunities today, and for the future. However, we do not enjoy the benefit of a rich endowment, and so our aim is to raise additional funds through donations to significantly increase our outreach and fulfil one of our Foundation’s most important initiatives.”

Peter Fothergill photo
Burton Bursaries transform lives. They are generously funded by supporters of Loughborough Endowed Schools. Please consider joining them by becoming a FutureMakerPeter Fothergill

Gwen Byrom

Loughborough High School
GSA President, 2018

“Each year the High School receives around 20% of its applications from girls who would need financial support to take up a place with us. These applications come at all levels, from entry at 11+ to the sixth form. Almost without fail, these girls pass our entrance exam and would thrive here, but we can only offer financial assistance to a small proportion of them.

The hardest conversations to have are those with families to whom we can offer a place, but no help; it feels like we are saying ‘well done, you’ve worked hard and prepared for this, and we think you will do well here... but now you’ve passed the test there’s another obstacle in your way’. That’s a very sad message to give to a 10 year old.

Additional financial support from Burton Bursaries will help more girls to come here, and to thrive. When our leavers who have been in receipt of support come back to visit us, and we see how happy and successful they are, we know it’s the right thing to do.”

Gwyn Byrom photo

Duncan Byrne

Loughborough Grammar School

“The charitable mission of Loughborough Grammar School has been, for over 500 years, to provide young men with opportunities that will transform their lives. There is nothing more gratifying each summer than speaking to tearful leavers who recognise how fortunate they have been to receive such a high quality education.

Unfortunately there has never been a more difficult time for the Grammar School to fund families who cannot afford our fees. Following the loss of Direct Grant status in the ‘70s and the removal of the Government Assisted Places Scheme in the ‘90s, we are now in a position where, through our own school resources, we are only able to assist, on average, eight boys in each year group... a very small number by previous standards.

Increasing the provision of means-tested bursaries is the absolute priority of Loughborough Grammar School, so that more boys with ability and ambition can experience a transformational academic and holistic education. In this appeal we are asking for funding that allows us to offer more places to deserving boys and to reflect more closely past times when ordinary local families could think of us as a realistic option.”

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