Leaving something behind for future generations is a meaningful, lasting way to create your legacy.
Ken Cockrell was one man who made the decision to give something back and today he is remembered, not just for the life he had, but the lives he is helping even after he’s gone...

This is Ken Cockrell’s story…

Ken was born as the Second World War was ending, and came with his family from Lowestoft to live on the Shelthorpe council estate. He was bright and ambitious. So in 1955 he joined his two brothers at Loughborough Grammar School (LGS), leaving in 1960. The education he received in those five years stayed with him for life, providing the strong foundation upon which he built a successful career in business and commerce.

Giving something back

Years later life took Ken to the Bristol area where newspaper articles in the Telegraph caught his eye. The article described the benefits of bursary donations, which encouraged Ken to get back in touch with the school that helped shape the life he had made for himself.

As a way of thanking the school for the start an LES education gave to him and members of his family, he made a very generous decision. In his will, Ken bequeathed a lasting endowment for the provision of academic bursaries, which gives bright and talented children the benefit of an LGS education. Just as he did.

Leaving a legacy

Ken simply wished to give a child from the Shelthorpe estate the same chance in life from which he benefitted. But we’re pleased to be able to use Ken’s generous donation to endow a legacy that will continue to give a head start in life to many more children in the future.

The Ken Cockrell Bursary will long continue to help other bright and ambitious children from Shelthorpe, whose family circumstances would normally place an LGS education out of reach.

Why not leave a similar legacy for future generations? It can be simple as adding a codicil to your existing will. Please get in touch to discuss your options in complete confidence.