Every once in a while you get an opportunity to make a real difference. This is one of them.

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Never underestimate the ability you have to make someone’s life better.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to increase the number of bursaries we offer to bright, talented children.

Bursaries have a life-changing impact on those who receive them. They provide the highest quality education and a world of opportunities to those whose families wouldn’t otherwise have the means.

In recent years we have increased the number of bursaries funded by the Foundation’s own income through the generosity of members of the Loughborough Endowed Schools community — our FutureMakers.

These generous benefactors helped shape new futures for five children, and our aim is to significantly increase the number of children we can assist.

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Discover the ways you can become a FutureMaker, and help change a child’s life for the better, forever...

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Why Help?

Anything should be possible when you’re young. It’s a time when the future is not yet written, yet is full of promise and hope. Some gifted children unfortunately aren’t afforded the same hope as others.

We are committed to giving an opportunity to those children whose potential far exceeds their financial means. The gift of a good education empowers a child, raises aspirations, fulfils ambitions and transforms lives.

We welcome donations from individuals, families, groups of school friends and companies. Large or small, as a single donation or a contribution from your monthly salary, your generosity will help shape a child’s future.

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Our Ambassadors

Giles Kristian photo

Giles Kristian

LGS 1987-1994

“When we were young, few of us knew where our talents, passions and ambitions lay. You just don’t know what you’re good at until you try — and fail — extensively and with gusto! Bursary assistance at Loughborough Endowed Schools provides a deserving young person with a first class education, but also engenders in them the confidence and the wherewithal to aspire. A Burton Bursary allows a young person to discover their potential and ultimately to choose their own path through life. In my view this makes the Burton Bursary Campaign a tremendously worthwhile endeavour.”

Paul Alexander photo

Paul Alexander

Governer, Group Chief Executive Officer, Beyondanalysis
LGS 1986-1991

“The biggest gift my parents gave my sister and I was our private educations.
We were lucky, they forsook a lot to send us, but they did have the salaries and earning potential to be able to scrape by.
The Burton Bursaries mean that talented children who would otherwise not be able to have the chance we had, can go to an exceptional school which will give them the opportunity to use their gifts to their full potential.”

Phillippa O'Neill photo

Phillippa O’Neill

Governor, Senior Associate, Spearing Waite LLP
LHS 1980-1991

“I attended Fairfield and Loughborough High School and now sit on the Endowed Schools’ board of governors. Year upon year, our schools send out into the world well-balanced and confident young people ready to take on the challenges of further education and a competitive working environment. The Burton Bursary programme seeks to extend the schools’ reach out to children who otherwise would not be in a position to benefit from an education at the Endowed Schools. In gifting to a child a first rate education, you are making an enormous difference to his or her start in life.”

Peter Cannon photo

Peter Cannon

Former Governor, GP
LGS 1973-1980

“As an ex-boarder who was supported by a grant from HM Forces, I am well aware of the importance of bursary assistance. I went on from school to graduate in medicine with degrees from Cambridge and Oxford. A surgical career gave way to life as a GP in Loughborough. As a parent and Governor I continue to witness the excellent foundations for learning and life laid down at Loughborough Endowed Schools. My wife and I make a regular modest donation to the Burton Bursaries to keep this opportunity open to talented children irrespective of means.”

John Weitzel photo

John Weitzel

Former Deputy Head, LGS, Archivist

“During my time here I have been fortunate to teach bright boys whose education has been paid for by the Direct Grant System; the Government Assisted Place System and the School AP scheme. They have all benefitted from the experience of a traditional boys’ Grammar School with the exciting, unique education that offers. The Burton Bursaries will mean that tradition can continue for another 520 years.”

Class Of 1977 photo

Year Group of 1977

Year Group of 1977

“The idea behind this initiative is to keep alive the idea that Loughborough Grammar School is a special place because of its history of accepting boys from all walks of life. There have been so many ‘free place’ boys in the past who have made huge contributions to its history and success. Our group were one of the last years to benefit from the ‘direct grant’ scheme which kept access open, so it is very apt that we should now help to open that door again.”

Perhaps the greatest success in life is to discover something that will outlast it...


A legacy gift can transform the lives of children, giving them a bright future and ensuring you’re a beacon for future generations...

Ken Cockrell is one man who made the decision to give something back and today he is remembered, not just for the life he had, but the lives he is helping even after he’s gone.

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